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Yolande Coombes Psychologist, Coach & Facilitator

We’re all craving more human experiences at work. We live in an age of technology and automation, where it’s easy to forget that the most crucial asset in any business are its people.

Employees are craving more human experiences, such as the need for connection, having a purpose and more autonomy regarding how we work. It is becoming increasingly apparent that businesses will struggle to succeed without a focus on people. Now, more than ever, to mitigate the uncertainty in the global economy and focus on sustainable growth, businesses must strive towards more human-centred leadership. 


"Leadership is not about being in charge, but about taking care of the people in your charge"

Simon Sinek    

Human-centred leadership puts people first by focusing on their needs and desires. It encourages collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking – all essential business skills in today’s world. Human-centred leaders understand the importance of fostering a positive environment where everyone feels respected and valued for their contribution to the team; these leaders share their hopes and dreams. This type of leader will also strive to empower others through mentorship opportunities to reach their full potential and build strong relationships with colleagues based on mutual trust and respect. 

At its core, human-centred leadership helps create an atmosphere where employees feel heard instead of ignored; it allows them to take ownership over decisions which leads to higher productivity levels; it fosters innovation by encouraging creative problem-solving. The quality of our work relationships matters as much as our personal relationships; we need leaders who recognise this. It’s high time we put more heart back into our businesses. 

We’re excited to see where this shift goes next, as leaders and organisations begin to realise that supporting their people and nurturing a healthy culture isn’t a distraction from business goals in fact, it’s deeply strategic.


If you enjoyed this post you may be interested in our white paper “The Crisis of meaning in the workplace“. We continually research and publish white papers which are available to download from our web site so do keep in touch.

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