The Power of Strategy Story – IMI Podcast Interview

The Power of Strategy Story

Padraig Hyland, CEO of The Core Story, joined Farah Barry from the IMI as part of their podcast series.

How can you create a compelling strategy story? And why is storytelling so important in business? Most important of all, what can kids tell us about being strategic? All this and more with Padraig Hyland.

This conversation was recorded in April 2024.

Click here to listen to the full interview.

Points discussed:

  • The importance of storytelling when communicating strategy
  • How story can drive meaning
  • The importance of both Smart and Heart Strategy
  • The importance of listening
  • Future trends

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The Core Story are innovators in the transformation of business performance enabling leaders to engage hearts and minds and bring strategy to life for everybody, everyday. We are an imaginative force transforming leadership. Specialising in human centred leadership and strategy, we partner with clients to establish their strategy story and bring it alive throughout the organisation.

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