Bring strategy alive for everybody, every day to drive sustainable change.

A business without a strategy is like a ship without a compass.

We ensure your best strategies are making an emotive connection, inspiring hearts as well as minds. Because as you steer your organisation toward a brighter future – one thing is clear—you can’t do it alone.

You need all of your people, from your senior leaders to your front line, with you on this journey. When it comes to strategy, organisations thrive when smart meets heart.

What will this solution do for you and your business?

  • It puts purpose at the centre of your strategy, inspiring engagement
  • Accelerates strategic execution
  • Ensures employees at mid and lower levels understand the strategy and their role in delivering on it.
  • Improve the ability of the C-Suite and Exec Management to influence buy-in.
  • A meaningful point of difference for your business, a unique and distinct position in the market with a voice that resonates within the business and among its people.
  • Empowers everyone in the organisation to live the strategy, every day.



Together, we’ll infuse your smart strategy with your heart strategy, and we’ll distill it into a clear Strategy on a page that speaks to everyone. This snapshot emphasises your purpose and your core ideas, fostering understanding and sparking meaningful conversations.

This game-changing approach drives a unifying strategic narrative throughout your organisation, transforming your strategy from a stumbling block into a growth engine.


If you are interested in driving change more effectively through strategy stories, contact us.

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WHO? Wilson Hartnell (WH) is the largest, and one of the longest established, communications agencies in Ireland. The company is proud of its reputation for delivering best-in-class work to national and international clients, such as Diageo. 

WHY? Wilson Hartnell approached us because they wanted to define a new strategy for growth in a disrupted market, a market in which the role of agencies was changing rapidly. They wanted to identify a point of difference that was relevant to market needs, while loyal to who they are. 

WHAT? We used The Core Story™ process to help them discover a new strategy: that was authentic to the business and its heritage; that motivated the team; and was driven by defining the market, as much as looking at what customers’ needs were. 

RESULT: In the process we uncovered the fact that Wilson Hartnell had made many unsung contributions and supports to the arts and other cultural endeavours. Activities that demonstrated their contribution to society went beyond the balance sheet. As a result, the strategy they adopted was that of ‘The No. 1 Cultural Agency’. This approach has helped consolidate their leadership position in the market and led quickly to new business wins.


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