Liz Parker

Liz is a seasoned facilitator, presenter and performance coach.

Liz’s personal passion is reigniting leaders and teams using the most practical approach and thereby achieving the greatest return on investment. She uncovers their true and authentic vision and connects it with their strategic plan. Her primary focus is in the areas of Strategic planning, Job Benchmarking and Coaching with the goal to uncover hidden potential and authenticity of the leaders and the organisation.


Her experience entailed 13 years of working within a global network that operated with virtual teams. This experience helps her relate to the needs, issues, and concerns of many clients who are in these same environments. A key component of Liz’s 20 + years of consulting success is selecting the most appropriate “intervention” for the situation and the audience. This may include assessment tools to engage and empower individuals and teams to become aware of their own behaviours and capabilities. She has worked with multi-national organisations in worldwide leadership development, cross-functional team dynamics, strategic planning and coaching across Asia-Pacific, Australia, Europe and the UK, the Middle East, South America and the U.S.


Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be”, Wayne Dyer.


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